Our cattle graze on the fertile plains of the Snoqualmie and Snohomish river valleys. Cascade Range Beef raises beef cattle in a most humane and natural way, so the animals are in an environment that allows them to roam freely. Our ranches are in a pastoral, rural setting, yet are still close enough to the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area to serve a metropolitan customer base. We have been supplying grassfed beef to our customers as Cascade Range Beef since 2006, but our experienced ranchers have been raising beef for many decades. Breeds Most of the cattle that we raise are Red Angus, a breed that thrives in this climate, is easy to handle on the range, and yields a high-quality meat for your dinner table. We also raise some Hereford and Black Angus. Harvesting At Cascade Range Beef, we do not wait until the fall months to butcher. We begin butchering in the spring, when the pasture grasses are new and fresh. This early harvest yields a beef that has been finished on the lush spring grasses that are so full of nutrients such as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Our harvesting continues through the year, when we generally wrap up in December. For customers who need beef during the off-season, we are able to supply beef then, as well. Beef harvested in the winter usually will have been supplemented by hay, which is merely dried grass. © Cascade Range Beef 2011-2016 Monroe, Washington