Cascade Range Beef Company 25224 132nd St. SE Monroe, WA 98272 206.355.2468 2016 Grassfed Beef Order Form Name: Date: Address: City: State: Zipcode: Phone: Alternate Phone: Email address: Check enclosed PayPal Payment I would like to purchase Whole Half Quarter I am reserving my beef with a 25% deposit of $ ________________. (See table below for deposit amounts.) Deposit check enclosed Deposit by PayPal payment (add 4% service fee to amount) Request for ORGANS and BONES. You must request any desired organs and bones at the time of reserving your beef. Please check the appropriate boxes for any organs and bones you want: Liver Heart Tongue Kidney Soup bones Neck bones Knuckle bones Suet Approximate date I would like to pick up my order: _________________________. (This is only an estimated date. Cascade Range Beef Coompany will fulfill your order for pick-up on or around your requested date as closely as possible. Pick-up date will be based on beef availability and seasonal factors. If we cannot meet your approximate requested pick-up date, we will notify you and work with you on an alternative pick-up date. If this space is left blank, we will provide you with an approximate pick-up date based on our butchering schedule and on a first-come, first-served basis.) Deposit is required to reserve your beef. Deposits are nonrefundable unless we are sold out or otherwise cannot fulfill your order. Check         Item Approx. Hanging Price/lb.* Approx. Total Deposit Amount  Here Weight (actual (hanging Price** (25% of approx. weight known at weight) total price) time of harvest)         Cascade Whole Beef 600 - 800 lbs. $4.00 $2,400.00 $600.00         Cascade Half Beef 300 - 400 lbs. $4.15 $1,245.00 $311.25         Cascade Quarter Beef 150 - 200 lbs. $4.30 $645.00 $161.25 * Cut-and-wrap and butcher’s fees are additional and are paid directly to the butcher at the time you pick up your order. Current butcher’s fees are $65.00 field-butcher fee for a whole; $32.50 field-butcher fee for a half or quarter. Cut-and-wrap fee is 55 cents/lb., hanging weight. Butcher’s fees are subject to change without notice. ** This price is based on a hanging weight of 600 pounds for a whole beef, 300 pounds for a half beef, and 150 pounds for a quarter beef. Note: We will notify you of your balance due when we have the hanging weight. At that time, please send a check for the balance to the address given above. We will not be able to schedule for pick-up until we have received your balance due. Back